What does "3-No Price" mean?

“3-No Price” is given by VinFast, excluding depreciation costs, financial costs (interest is payable to loans for investment in building factories, working capital ..) into product price without interest. The selling price will be equal to the product cost according to the above calculation method plus the sale cost.

Are the sales policies at the agent different from the distributor? Are there scooters readily available for customers to buy or do they still have to wait for delivery? Does sales agent support scooter registration for customers?

VinFast’s sales policy is having identical price everywhere. The supply schedule as well as the market demand will have impact on the delivery time. Currently, VinFast does not support scooter registration service for customers, but VinFast is working with its partners to help You register your scooters. The cost will be paid by You.

Where do I buy VinFast's electric scooter?

Currently, VinFast electric scooter are being sold at 28 authorized agents and 14 showrooms national wide, You will then be consulted and reserved by VinFast’s salesman. For location information you can visit vinfast.vn for more details.

Do customers have to pay a fee for charging? If yes, how much does it cost? Common charge at VinMart + is free for 30 minutes, fast charging will be charged. There is no specific cost yet?

Currently, customers using charging system at Vinmart + points will be charged for 30 minutes at no cost. When the time is up, our staff will remove the charger to serve the next customer.

Who can use VinFast charging station?

VinFast Klara charging stations only serve customers riding VinFast electric motorcycles.

What is the competitive advantage of Klara VinFast compared to other electric motorcycles, especially Chinese ones?

Klara has great advantages:

  • Superior quality with components from Bosch and leading Japanese standard suppliers in Vietnam, similar to high-end scooters on the market today.
  • Nationwide complete service ecosystem is guaranteed by Vingroup. Three-year warranty and maintenance ensures service and safety standards for customers.
  • Smart features first appeared.

How long is the life of Lithium battery and lead accumulator?

Life of Battery and accumulator is highly dependent on usage frequency and battery charging. Bosch lithium battery is tested after 1,000 discharge cycles still has 70% capacity, equivalent to 6-8 years of use. Battery life is about 300 times discharge, equivalent to 1.5-2 years of use. Battery and accumulator will be more durable when used in about 20-80% capacity. If used and stored in this range, battery and accumolator life will be much longer. In addtion, lithium battery is particularly sensitive with high temperature, users should avoid charging when the battery is hot.

VinFast said that Klara could run up to 80km distance per charge. How much KWh does one charge consume?

Klara battery charger capacity is about 1.4kWh, if including depreciation during charging, the amount of electricity consumed per full charge is about 1.5kWh.

What does "Klara" mean?

The name Klara in Swedish means “Clear, pure”, inspired by the six-side diamond shape design that is featured on the front headlights, sides and locks.